L-TWOO eRX Groups - April 2024 UPDATE!

L-TWOO eRX Groups - April 2024 UPDATE!

Apr 29, 2024

I have only ridden the eRX for several hundred KMs, but it was during (a mild) Canadian winter. 

I've subjected it to sub-zero temperature, dicing salt and sand, and freezing water (for some reason all my rides were wet).

Not only did it work great, I'd say it outperformed my mechanical group in wet weather.  Fast shifting, never skipping, even when caked with road grime.  None of the issues mentioned below. 

This seems to be mirrored by Trace Velo's 2000km review.  

I don't know what to say - the eRX has been nothing short of fantastic for me.  However whether or not you trust someone who has a vested interest in you buying the eRX is up to you.  

If you do decide to give the eRX a go, check them out on the site.  I've got them super competitively priced at $675CAD, shipping from Toronto. 


Oct 19, 2023

The LTWOO eRX groups arrived.  In light of the mixed reviews, we've been sitting on them for the last month or so, deliberating whether to put them up for sale or not.

After watching the reviews, comments, and discourse about the groupset, as well as LTWOOs responsiveness, we've decided to go ahead and put them back on the site. 

The groupset is touted as being absolutely fantastic - when working as intended.  Here are some reported issues by some well known and well-respected reviewers:

1) Over aggressive "Sleep Mode" (resolved)
eRX seemingly goes into sleep more often than it should.  
Fix:  LTWOO sent firmware update adjusting the sleep interval 
Users with leaf spring-style battery holder can slightly bend contacts to hold batteries more firmly
LTWOO sent replacement as well

2) Front Derailleur non-responsive after group is soaked in water (resolved)
FD stopped working after a ride in a storm
Fix: Disconnect and recalibrate FD with app

3) Front Derailleur non-responsive for unknown reason
After roughly 2000km, FD simply stopped responding.  Turns out the RD, which is the controller for the FD was not functioning properly
Fix: after troubleshooting, LTWOO provided a replacement unit

We (read: I) are still confident this is an excellent value electronic groupset for the price - in fact, it is in a class of its own, and LTWOO themselves have shown excellent post-sales support.  However, we will also be installing this and be putting some KMs on this groupset as well, and cataloging our experience with the eRX....totally not because we secretly want to play with it ourselves....

Ultimately though, I want anyone purchasing this group to go in eyes wide open.  
I encourage anyone buying this group to check out the following Youtube channels:
Trace Velo
GC Performance
China Cycling


So, we've pulled the trigger on taking a small shipment of the new L-TWOO eRX electronic gruppos.  Will we make a bunch of money off of these? Hell no! But we couldn't resist getting our hands on these. 

All early user reports point to an affordable alternative to Shimano and SRAM.

The groupset bears a strong resemblance to Shimano Di2 in terms of functionality, as opposed to SRAM eTap . The system operates on a coin battery for the shifters, while a seat-tube battery connected to the front and rear derailleurs ensures their operation. The rear derailleur serves as the central hub, communicating with the shifters and front derailleur via Bluetooth. The L-TWOO has a 22-millisecond response time for commands from the shifters to the rear derailleur. The front derailleur also features an auto-trim function to prevent chain rubbing during cross-chaining.

The L-TWOO provides a mobile app for fine-tuning the shifting and updating the firmware of the eRX system. We've gone for the carbon lever eRX model, but an eR9 model with more affordable alloy levers is expected to be available later.

Weighing approximately 1,300 grams, the L-TWOO eRX groupset is comparable in weight to Shimano 105 Di2, which weighs around 1,320 grams and encompasses shifters, derailleurs, battery, cables, and brakes.

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Unfortunately the auto-trim function has supposely been removed due to copyright issues with Shimano. What LTWOO should do to work around the copy would be to allow users to “chain” multiple derailuer movement in the software. I.e. allowing users to setup the auto trim function without LTWOO themselves infringing on Shimano copyright.


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