Magene L508 Radar Tail Lights are in stock!

Magene L508 Radar Tail Lights are in stock!

The Garmin Varia is a highly recommended, fantastic piece of kit with no viable alternatives available.....until now.....Introducing the Magene L508 Radar Tail Light.

Not getting hit by cars is great, and by extension so is any gear that facilitates that goal! 

I am 100% CSS Code illiterate, so I can’t imbed videos, but check out YouTube and see GP Lama and China Cycling’s reviews.

FWIW, I have been using this paired with my Karoo 2, and it does exactly what it says out of the box.   It’s one of those small game-changing pieces of tech, especially if you live in an urban area. Makes you wonder how cyclists ever got on before without it…




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