Why the heck should I bother buying from 1SIGMA.CC?

Why the heck should I bother buying from 1SIGMA.CC?

Why should you spend your hard earned cash with here instead of anywhere else? 
Inventory isn't vast, most of the wheels are built-to-order and takes weeks to arrive, and you are "local" but don't even have a storefront.  I might as well go to AliExpress or somewhere else.  What gives?

Glad you asked.   

First, service. 1SIGMA.CC is an official distributor and after-sales service provider of Elitewheels.    1SIGMA.CC works closely with Elitewheels on any orders that go through it's doors, and provides most warranty services without the need of sending wheels back to Xiamen.    When you buy from 1SIGMA.CC you can have peace of mind that should anything go wrong during your warranty period, you won't be tearing your hair out trying to get someone to get back to you, or paying exorbitant fees to ship wheels back. 

Second, exchange rate.  Most online retailers price in USD, resulting in price fluctuations.  1SIGMA.CC uses a fixed exchange rate below prevailing exchange rates, 1) to ensure you are never paying more than you have to, and 2) because quite frankly we are too lazy to constantly adjust prices.

Third, No duties:  anyone who has ordered internationally has been hit with duties and brokerage charges at one point or another.  Sometimes its luck of the draw, and at other times items are exempt.   We'll let you know though, that built bicycle wheels are subject to a 6% duty that we pay every time, so you don't have to. 

Fourth, Splitit financing.  We all know cycling is a hungry beast. Most of us started off with all the money we'll save while getting in shape.  How naive we were....Splitit is different than Klarna and other financing options in that you don't apply for any credit.  Splitit simply divides the payment and charges your credit card each month until the balance is paid - no interest (except what your credit card already charges), no fees, no credit application.   

And there you have it!  Also, we are super responsive, a local-Canadian company, super nice, and a bunch of other stuff that probably doesn't matter to you!

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